Human, with a Side of Soul

Gina Dewink’s nonfiction, Human, with a Side of Soul, will be available December 15, 2019 through Amazon,  Barnes & Noble and most book stores by special order.


Soul 101
Do humans have a soul? Is the universe directing us with signs?

From her vantage point as an open-minded investigative writer from Middle America, Gina Dewink asks a dozen strangers from the medical, scientific and spiritual realms about soul beliefs—along the way, encountering perspectives such as an environmental consultant who believes she’s lived before, a neurologist studying patients in a coma, a medical mystery who survived more than one near-death experience, a Bible-quoting Atheist and more.

Join Dewink’s spiritual journey as she immerses herself in a culture of online groups, hypnotherapy sessions, a sensory deprivation tank and a Buddhist festival to come out the other side with answers. Is there a common belief woven throughout every opinion? Find out in Human, with a Side of Soul.


“Tears, goosebumps, chuckles and racing to read more!”
Vicki Snyder, Communication Connection

“The style takes chunks of information and makes it a personal experience. Draws the reader in and holds interest more so than if [it were] just a collection of data. Adds humor, love, irony, sometimes even stress and frustration, but in a human, relatable way. This book was so well done.”
S. Burdorf, Reader

“Dewink’s sense of curiosity really shines through.”
Kathleen May, Technical Writer & Editor

“Wow! At first, I wondered if this was just going to cover the same territory as has been hashed over and over, but it adds a new approach. Valuable insight through a fair overview, and lots of information touched on to go deeper if someone has been inspired. It is almost like a guide to finding where you fit in if you don’t already have a strong belief system.”
LaVonne Peck, Reader

“Infused with Dewink’s signature wit.”
Brent Hilgart, Book Collector


“In Calcutta, I worked at the Mother Teresa House for the Destitute and Dying at the age of twenty-four. I was told to go sit with a man because he was about to die. I didn’t know what I could offer, other than company, but I sat with him. He was speaking in Bengali; I did not understand anything. But that didn’t matter. He reached out his arms to me… and he died in my arms.”

Kolkata, formerly Calcutta, is located just 400 miles from that Crown Chakra point at Mount Kalish, by the way. It is also where Mother Teresa’s tomb was located.

I felt the group sinking deeper into the story. I glanced to Craig to see him shifting in his chair. I wondered if he was thinking about the car purchase he was planning to make directly after the workshop and regression. I turned back to Eric.

“When he died, the heat—the light—left.” Eric explained. “I found myself wondering, ‘what just left?’ I knew that energy could never be destroyed, so I guessed it to be energy. But then where did it go if it could not be destroyed? Or had it been converted? Then, six years later, I read the book Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton. That book changed my life,” Eric declared.

For the next hour, in essence, we were attending an introductory class. Eric talked over experiences within his practice, patients he had helped in healing, books to learn more about the topic of reincarnation and finding past lives…


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