About the Author


Born and raised in Minnesota’s heartland (unless you count a brief yet important stint in Wisconsin), Gina Dewink was raised with her five siblings to be readers, writers and admirers of film. At the time of her high school graduation speech, she had completed her first novel – a romantic comedy she still ponders editing and publishing someday. Tossing writing aside for a detour into communications in college, she graduated cum laude from Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Gina’s been working in nonprofit organizations since 2001 and her career often included aspects of writing. This experience led her into the field of communications management and copywriting – a field she continues in today. In 2006, Gina completed her third novel. Still unhappy with the end result, she set aside novel writing and began freelance writing in 2009. Gina has been published in over a dozen mediums and continues to freelance.

With the birth of her children in 2013 and 2015, the humorous tone in her writing blossomed into a pithy sarcasm that can be found in most of her work. Gina finds mirth and irony that she now has to schedule writing time while working part-time, freelancing and being a part-time-stay-at-home-mom. In 2016, Gina began and completed the first draft of her fourth novel. This time, she is satisfied with her work. She published her debut novel, Time in My Pocket, on September 1, 2017. On book launch day, Time in My Pocket rose to #40 in Amazon’s Time Travel Fiction category of over 8,500 titles.

Gina Dewink’s Time in My Pocket is available in paperback and Ebook.

Writer. Accidental Millennial fascinated with the whys & what ifs of humanity / the universe. Reformed party girl, mom of 2. Ambivert. Marketing & Copywriting nerd.