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About the Magazine

In 2020, I took a temporary hiatus from publishing to pitch, launch and startup Healthier Sleep Magazine, a publication of World Sleep Society. As the Editor and lead writer, I aim to make the magazine a trusted source for improving sleep.

About the Book

My nonfiction book, Human, with a Side of Soul, published in December 2019. As a friend pointed out, “I heard all about your first one, but have barely heard a word about this one.” That was on purpose. My second book, Human, with a Side of Soul, is not for everyone. I’ll be the first to tell you that.

One of my early beta readers gave me an ultimate compliment and asked, “So it’s kinda like Eat, Pray, Love?” And that might be a good way to describe it. If you’re curious what a dozen complete strangers from around the world think about souls and what happens after death, then this book is for you. If you’re looking for a personal angle on a soul search, plan to grab a copy of this nonfiction-memoir-soul-experiment.

And if not? Que sera sera—let’s still be friends.

You can follow more about the book on my Facebook author page.

About the Novel

My time travel novel, Time in My Pocket, is available now! Search independent bookstores through IndieBound, or find it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Listen to the radio interview or read more about the debut novel in the press section.

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